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ABCU. Education within the Benedictine Wisdom Tradition.

The ten hallmarks of Benedictine education with a prologue on the Catholic intellectual tradition (text)

Bouchard, Gary M. "The Shape of Song in a Flood of Words: Benedictine Education and Poetic Truth."

22 June 2004 (text)


Cahoy, William J. "Benedictine Wisdom and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition."

28 June 2006 (text)


Cahoy, William J. "Institutions, Leadership, and the Benedictine Hallmarks."
10 June 2019 (video)

Cardoba Tait, Alicia. "The Rule of St. Benedict as A Pathway to Transformational Leadership."

26 June 2023 (video)


Collins, Mary, OSB. "The Benedictine Wisdom Tradition Meets the Catholic Intellectual Tradition: Shall We Gather at the Altar?"

Association of Benedictine Colleges and Universities, June 24-27, 2007, Benedictine College, Atchison, KS. (text)


De Waal, Esther. "The Benedictine Charism Today."

Lisle, IL: Benedictine University, delivered 26 April 1995. (text)


DeFelice, Jonathan, OSB. "From Leaves of Gold: Saint Anselm offers a Benedictine Approach to Education."

1 June 2018 (text)


Dehne, Nate. "How Cows, Casseroles, and Classic Rock Set the Foundation for Benedictine Leadership in Admission and Student Affairs."

28 June 2023 (video)

Devine, Luke, OSB. "Always Forward: Religious Studies at Benedictine Universities in the U.S."

Master Thesis in Theological Studies at the School of Theology and Ministry at Boston College. 2008 (text)


Goodwin, Larry. "Transformational Community."

6 June 2016 (text)


Heble, Judith Ann, OSB. "Charism as an Inspiration for Mission, Vision and Values."

2 June 2017 (text)

Hedican, Michaela, OSB. "Listening, Loving, and Leading in the Way of St. Benedict."

25 May 2021 (video)


Heron, Jason. "On Waking Up: Benedictine Thoughts on Sleeping Students."

17 June 2022 (video)

Heynderickx, Roy and Long, Marcus. "Implementing Hallmarks in Real Life."

12 June 2019 (video)


Kardong, Terrence, OSB. "The Humanism of Benedict of Nursia."

Tjurunga 58 (2000) 15-30; ABCU online, 2004 (text)


Kelly, Timothy, OSB. "Benedictine Education."

Saint Martin's Abbey, Lacey, Washington, 1994 (text)


Klassen, Abbot John, OSB. "Educating in the Benedictine Context: Why It Matters."

3 June 2017 (text)

Klassen, Abbot John, OSB. "The Gifts and the Challenges of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition."

25 May 2021 (video)

Klassen, Abbot John, OSB. "Vocation of Leadership in a Benedictine Environment."

28 June 2023 (video)


Kleespie, Nick, OSB and Martin, Pat. "Sharing the Benedictine Mission: Laity and Monastics Working Together."

11 June 2019 (video)

Kleespie, Nick, OSB. "Communicating Benedictine Values."

27 June 2023 (video)


Kunze, Nicole, OSB. "Being and Living the Legacy."

12 June 2019 (video)


Kunze, Nicole, OSB. “The Value of Stability: In this time, in this place.”

26 January 2021 (video)

Kunze, Nicole, OSB. "Radical Hospitality."

16 June 2022 (video)

Leahy, Edwin, OSB. "A Beloved Community of Disciples."

25 May 2021 (video)

Long, Marcus, OblOSB. "Benedictine Leadership in Higher Education."

16 June 2022 (video)


Lorenzo, Abbot Elias R., OSB. "Renewing the Benedictine Vision of Education: Reflections on the Teaching of Pope Francis."

1 June 2017 (video)


Min, Anselm K. "Updating Benedictine Education for Today."

Belmont Abbey College, delivered 30 May 1992 (text)

Millis, Diane M. "Listening With the Ear of the Heart: At this time, in this place."

16 June 2022 (video)


Narloch, Rodger. "Cultivating Sacramentality through Administrative Work: Guidance from St. Benedict on Being a Department Chair."

2014 (text)


Nowell, Irene, OSB. "Benedictine Interpreters of the Word of God."

21 June 2004 (text)

Poling, Donelle. "Leading with Humility: Integrating Benedictine Values with DEI for Lasting Change."

28 June 2023 (video)


Reinhart, Dietrich, OSB. "The Heart’s Deep Gladness and the Hunger of the World."

30 May 2008. Benedictine Pedagogy Conference, Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois (text)

Rezac, Barb, OblOSB. "Importance of Sustaining Our Benedictine Mission."

17 June 2022 (video)

Rezac,Barb, OblOSB. "The Rule of St. Benedict: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Catholic Social Teaching."

27 June 2023 (video)

Rippinger, Joel, OSB. "The Benedictine Intellectual Tradition: An Overview."

21 June 2004 (text)


Rippinger, Joel, OSB. "The Benedictine Option as a Component in Shaping the Character of Benedictine Schools."

2 June 2017 (text)


Shea, Monsignor James. "A Still Point in the Storm: Benedictine Education During a Change of the Ages."

17 June 2022 (video)

Taylor, Rev. Brian C. "The Benedictine Way as a Counter-Cultural Path."

Lisle, IL: Benedictine University, delivered March 22, 1995 (text)


Thimmesh, Hilary, OSB. "Benedictines and Higher Education American Style."

Belmont Abbey College, delivered 30 May 1992 (text)


Veilleux, Armand, O.C.S.O. "Benedictine Life as School of Communion."

23 March 1996 (text)


"A Way of Life, a Way of Faith: Benedictines in Central Minnesota."

Document created by the CSB-SJU Vocation Project, 2003 (text)

Welder, Thomas, OSB. "Called to Leadership and Service."

1 June 2015 (video)


Welder, Thomas, OSB. "Educating in the Benedictine Context: Why It Matters."

3 June 2017 (video)


Welder, Thomas, OSB. "Listening: The Heart of Leadership."

11 June 2019 (video)

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